Different Air Duct Cleaning System By air duct cleaning Newport beach

There are two different air duct cleaning systems: Nikro Negative Air and Rotobrush. Both are effective in removing contaminants from the duct, but they are different processes. In this article, we will discuss each process so you could know the most applicable process to be done by Same Day Dryer Vent Cleaning in Irvine for your needs.


  • First, a company uses a system of video inspection to evaluate the ductwork of your home. We are looking for dirt, debris, droppings of animals, mold, and humidity.
  • Then they will remove all the covers of your register and thoroughly clean them.
  • Next, the company's technicians will insert your ductwork with a hose and rotating brush head and start cleaning the ducts. They will clean the supply and return air plenums and the filter housing after the ducts have been cleaned.
  • Once the entire system has been scrubbed clean, they will fog the ducts with an antimicrobial mist approved by the EPA, which also leaves behind a pleasant scent.

Nikro Negative Air

This is a new system that uses compressed air to dislodge contaminants and debris rather than a brush.

It is essential that certain methods are used during a duct cleaning, regardless of what equipment is used. These methods ensure that your ducts are left entirely clean and that no contaminants are released in the process into your home. Air ducts properly cleaning requires the removal of contamination sources. This starts with the use of one or more agitating devices designed to release contaminants from the ductwork surfaces. Brushes, air whips, and compressed air are used by a company. Hand brushing or vacuuming contact can also release contaminants and debris. Because every house or building is unique in its own way, each HVAC system is set up slightly differently. Wherever possible, technicians will be able to access your air ducts through all your supply registers, cold air returns, and will also cut access holes in the ductwork to reach inside with different cleaning tools. It requires craftsmanship and professional training to create these service openings and patch the holes.

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